This Valentine’s Day, Fall in Love With You! 7 Days of Pampering

Day 1: Teeth – Whiten your teeth. The teeth whitening strips that you can buy at your local drug store work very well. Follow the instructions and keep it up for however long it says to see results. Some take a full 7 days, while others are quicker and take only 3 days. Use whitening toothpaste to accelerate the process and keep your teeth whiter longer…and don’t forget to floss. By V Day, your smile will be enhanced.

Supplement: Take at least 800mg of Calcium Magnesium each day to ensure strong healthy teeth (and bones).

Day 2: Hair – Deep condition your hair. Before bed, wash your hair and smear on your favorite deep conditioner or vitamin hair mask. Comb through using a wide tooth comb. Put your hair in a shower cap and go to sleep. When you wake in the morning and rinse your hair in the shower, your hair will feel soft and silky and look shinier than ever. Note: sometimes deep conditioning can cause your hair to be too soft and unmanageable at first. That is why you don’t want to deep condition your hair too close to an event. Day two or three of the week before V Day is a good time to do it.

Supplement: Take a multivitamin to ensure your body is getting the proper nutrients each day. This will help your hair and nails grow and be healthy.

Day 3: Face – Give yourself a facial. Cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser. Using a facial steamer or a boiling pot of water, steam your face for a good 10 minutes. There should be the perfect amount of moisture on your face to apply an exfoliator. Rub it on your face in circular motions (be gentle). After about 2 minutes, rinse off exfoliator, dab face dry and apply your facial mask. Apply a soothing mask that gently removes dead skin cells and helps balance the skin. Leave mask on for about 15 minutes. Rinse off and use your favorite toner. Dab on eye cream and rub on your night time moisturizer. Spot treat any blemishes. It is recommended to do this at night so you are not forced to put on makeup or go outside. Get a good night’s rest and when you wake in the morning, you will notice your face looks rejuvenated.

Supplement: Take Omega 3 Fish Oil for healthy glowing skin.

Day 4: Skin – Exfoliate and Moisturize for smooth touchable skin. Rub exfoliator all over your body in the shower for about 5 minutes to smooth dry or rough skin. Rinse off exfoliator and use your favorite bath gel. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer immediately after you get out of the shower. To get a little color, apply self tanner evenly for the next couple of days before V Day. On V Day, apply a shimmer lotion for an extra glow.

Day 5: Body – Detox. For the two days before V Day, detox and drink lots of fluids. Get rid of any water retention and bloating by giving up salty foods and all dairy. Eat a lot of fiber and do a non-aggressive colon cleanse. Green tea and water are good to drink throughout the day between meals. Eat a variety of fruits and veggies with lean protein. Keep it healthy and you will feel great for V Day.

Supplement: Take an antioxidant to rid your body of free radicals and keep your cells healthy.

Day 6: Hands & Feet – Get a manicure and pedicure. Either go to your fave nail salon and have a professional mani / pedi or do it yourself at home. Begin by exfoliating hands and feet, pushing back cuticles, filing nails, moisturizing hands and feet and painting nails with a brilliant V Day color. Finish nails with a top coat, let dry and you are good to go.

Day 7: Valentine’s Day – This V Day is on a Sunday, so take the day and make it about you. Relax. Enjoy a bath and a glass of red wine. Read something romantic. Take a walk and get some fresh air. Watch a love story. Whether or not you have a date this Valentine’s Day, the important thing is that you feel beautiful and sexy and love YOU!