5 Tips to Use “The Secret” Way of Thinking to Stay Healthy

What does “The Secret” say about health? In a nutshell, “The Secret” says that what you believe, and what you feel, will be the map of your life, including your health. So, what are the five tips to staying healthy, “The Secret” way?

The first, and the most important tip, to staying healthy,”The Secret” way, is to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are in control, that what you are thinking is what you are projecting into the future. Knowing this, if what you are thinking isn’t something you want in your future, you can change it.

The second tip to staying healthy is to know that your thoughts govern your life. When you know that, you are very conscious of what you are thinking — and thoughts like “I don’t feel well.” Or, “My head hurts.” Or, “I think I’m going to throw up.” — don’t have any place in your mind.:)

The third tip to staying healthy is to know that what you believe is what will happen. Your beliefs are your thoughts. You change your thoughts, you change your beliefs. You believe that your mom had cancer, cancer runs in your family, you are a prime candidate for the disease. Now, you’re starting to see changes in your body that support your belief. Again, change your thoughts, you change your beliefs

The fourth tip to staying healthy is to know that your feelings back up your beliefs. If you are feeling anxious, but you think you believe you are safe, your feelings prove out every time. Your anxiety is what you are sending out. Anxiety and stress cause illness. Stay healthy by keeping stress out of your life.

The fifth tip to staying healthy is to know that when you fill your heart and your body with love, there is no room for disease. Thank God every day for your health. Gratitude proves out every time. A truly grateful day IS a truly healthy day.

With “The Secret” you have to know that you are calling the shots, whether you end up sick or you end up well, YOU are calling the shots.